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Win this felting kit!

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They Stay Is Brief

Carol’s Lunch Bag from Noni’s Yummy Lunch Bag Pattern!

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Carol’s Yummy Lunch Bags

Craft Gossip is holding a Noni Pattern, yarn and purse frame giveaway.

Carol used Noni’s Yummy Lunch Bag Pattern but reworked th pattern for her knitting machine.  I think it turned out great!

Noni and One fine Yarn Package give-away!

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Noni and One fine Yarn Package give-away!

You will be getting “Noni’s Yummy Lunch” bag pattern along with “One Fine Yarn” Cascade 220 to complete this projects.  We are very thrilled to have Noni and One Fine Yarn being significant contributors to Craft Gossip.

The give-away will run from today, Monday March 24, thru Sunday March 30, 2008. 


Spring is Here in OHIO

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Yes, this in Spring in Ohio near lake Erie.  Last Easter, April the 8th we got a foot of snow.  So you folks that live in a warm area laugh and enjoy the sun 🙂


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Check out my Slide Show!

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Designer Leather/Felted Purse

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This lovely purse has a little bits of many crafts housed in it.   I designed the pattern and the elements that make up the purse are; leather, crocheting, felting, wool yarn, fabric, sewing and knitting.


Felting With Lou Lou 101

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Since I have been writing for Craft Gossip I have been experimenting more and more with felting.  This pendent was knit with KNIT PICK Palette 100% wool yarn in white.   After knitting it, I put a piece of a bamboo skewer vertically and one horizontally and then hand felted it in the sink to control the process.  I crocheted a necklace and machine felted this.  The lime glass beads are hand sewn in a constrained design.  I love it and enjoyed this experiment.   Doesn’t my Buda look lovely?

Felted Pillow

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The pillow is made from teal felt and felted with off white wool roving.