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COBWEB Felted Ghost

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I have really been getting into this Halloween thing.  Everyday a new idea comes to me and I have to try it.  Today it is the cobweb felted ghost with a pictorial tutorial. 

111.jpg   222.jpg  333.jpg 444.jpg

555.jpg  777.jpg 999.jpg 998.jpg

1.  Cut a piece of thin cheese cloth into about a 10 inch square.   Then lay it onto a bamboo sushi mat.  I used an off white roving and pulled it and sparingly placed it horizontally on the mat.  2.     Next place the roving vertically over the horizontal roving; it should be somewhat sparse because this is cobweb felting. 3.     Next sprinkle some soap on it and drizzle hot water over the entire surface.4.     Roll up the sushi mat and roll a few minutes and then turn the piece on the mat and roll again until you have a spidery looking fabric.  5.     Rinse in cold water and roll in towel until damp.6.     Take a piece of loose batting and form a ball.7.     Drape the cobweb fabric over the ball and tie securely to form the neck.8.     Use a dark roving like brown or black, needle felt the eye sockets in.9.     Tie a piece of yarn for the hanger and needle felt it into the top of the head. 10.  Fluff out the draping and you now have an adorable ghost.  I hope this is clear?  If you have any questions please ask.  🙂 Regards, Linda




My Felted Pumpkin

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This is my felted pumpkin.  I took a hunk of loose wool batting and then three shades of orange and a couple of shades of brown roving’s.  First, I started rolling the batting into itself to form a ball. With another hunk I wrapped in the other direction.   Next, with all the oranges and a little brown roving I pulled them into an inch or so wide strips.  Finding what I considered to be the centers of my ball, top and bottom and using a felting needle I punched the end of the strip into the bottom center and then wrapped it completely around the ball to the top, repeating the needle felting and back to the bottom.  I blended the colors as I moved around the now magical pumpkin.  Once all the all the ends were fixed I began to needle felt the entire pumpkin smoothing as I went. At one point I thought of wet felting and decided “NOT” As I worked, more ideas took shape on how to form and make this an awesome pumpkin.   I used a heavier needle and began felting in the edges to make it look realistic.  Constantly shaping the pumpkin with my hands as I went along and here is a perfect pumpkin. 

Now it was onto the stem and leaves.  I took brown, burnt orange, orange and grey-brown and layered strips of colors together and then wet felt the stem.   For the stem I used soap and warm water and rolled the roving between my palms.  At one point I doubled it because it got to thin.  I raised it in cold water and rolled it in a towel.  Not waiting for it to dry I needled it into the top of the pumpkin and shaped it.  The leaves are needle felted with crisscrossed roving in several of the above colors.  Once I needle felted them enough to make a good piece of fabric I cut out the leaves and needled the ends of the leaves into the top of this cute pumpkin.  That’s all folks! LOL

Felting, Koi and 85 Degrees

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Today in Ohio, it is in the 80’s and I decided I had to felt and get the items outside to dry plus take some pictures near my Koi pond. So I have to show you some pictures of my Pond and Koi and I want to point out that some of the guys are 2 feet long.   As soon as I walked out they know food is near and it you have ever feed Koi, you know what that means.  They gobbled everything up in a sec and still wanted more.  If I over feed these guys that pond get cloudy.  We try to feed them well during the summer months because they have to stay out during the freezing winter months.   We keep a pump going during the winter and there is always a hole where the water runs in so they get oxygen.

Now back to felting.   I did several small projects today and they are dry and ready for completion.   I finished up a felted Business Card Case and I love it.  No better way to show the world that you are a felter than slipping you card out of a felted holder.  This holder can carry 25 or more cards and just screams “I am felted” and what better way for a crafter to show their work. 

Pictured below are pictures of my pond, Koi and project.   My faithful Buda is one of my favorite models. LOL


Felted Fruit Bowl

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Hi all,

I created this wool felted bowl out of roving and wool felt on the outside.  My technique is my own and I would not suggest it J I will be doing another bowl using the Nuno Felt method.

Designer Leather/Felted Purse

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This lovely purse has a little bits of many crafts housed in it.   I designed the pattern and the elements that make up the purse are; leather, crocheting, felting, wool yarn, fabric, sewing and knitting.


Buda With Purses

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He looks adorable 🙂


More Awesome Collaboration

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                                                       Carol knits, I do the relief, bag designs, assembles and do the felting.   

Felted Pillow

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The pillow is made from teal felt and felted with off white wool roving.

Felted Sea Glass Necklace

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I created this felted necklace after caning off-white roving with a little mixture of yellow and blue in the middle of the cane. This was wet and needle felted. I then added sea glass, extra roving, and mother of pearl disc with a tiny bead. After adding a jump ring I used strand of ribbon like yarn for necklace and strung a felted ball for interest. If you have any questions about the felting procedure just ask.

Felted Wool Purse

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This purse is made of wool felted and then felted with roving.  The scroll work is done in wool yarn and then machined stitched.  The lining is a beaded material and the strap is a designer scarf.   The flower is made from wool felt and roving.